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Avid lover of Chelsea FC, Denny Hamlin, Juanando, the NY Giants & the NY Yankees. 21 years young. I love writing reviews after games. Posts are sometimes random, but mostly are all about my loves. Oh & my name is

Part two of the friendly against Manchester City was today at the best baseball field, Yankee Stadium! For me, Chelsea at Yankee Stadium is combining two of my favorite teams together in one game. Sadly, we lost again to Man City, 5-3. Although we lost again, this game did have some decent moments. Here’s what happened:

Today was our last game with Al’s Toy Barn! The day finally came! On his last lineup, he made Torres our captain for today. CAPTAIN ZORRES!  I was proud to see this, even though it was only for a friendly and Terry, Lamps, and Cech weren’t there/starting. Look how far Torres has come though. Benitez’s lineup again featured our U21s, which I didn’t mind seeing.

Manchester City pretty much continued where they left off on Thursday night. 3rd minute, they score. I was like, "Another long game is ahead." It wasn’t too bad after that goal though because I felt like Chelsea was trying to create more chances than they did in the ‘first round’. However, Man City manages to score again in the 29th minute. Although we didn’t score during the first half and the score was 2-0, I honestly didn’t think Hilario did a terrible job. He had two nice saves, and was better than Blackman. I do think the score should’ve been 2-2 or at least 2-1 but apparently Ba was offsides and so was Captain Torres. Torres’s goal definitely happened. Side note: all during the first half (sometimes in the second half), my commentator insisted on calling Mikel, Miguel. Jon Obi Miguel. Somehow managed to pronounce Azpilicueta correct, but not Mikel. Who would’ve thought?!

Second half began and I was happy that Benitez didn’t go rotation crazy like he did Thursday. Just Petr Cech was there, which made me happy to see. We begin this half with a bang. 46th minute, Ramires goes down the field, basically around the goalie and scores! I was hoping that we would steal the game like Man City did. But it seemed as though every time we would score, they would have to score again just to get us all fired up. 55th minute, Man City goal. Luckily before too much more happened, Mata was put into the game. As always, when Mata is put in the game, he makes plays instantly. 69th minute, assisted by Torres who was assisted by Mata, Ramires scores again! Another nice Ramires goal. The celebration didn’t last long; 74th minute, Man City scores. I can’t even blame a bad goalie this time, because it was Cech! But, we have to remember that these guys played seventy-one games this season, with Cech being apart of at least 95% percent of them. 82nd minute, we get a free kick. Mata goes to take it and it was a beautiful strike. Even the goalie was stunned. JUAN MATA’S ON FIREEE! Love him. Guess what happens two minutes later? Man City goal. Yeah, this game was over after that.

Although we lost both games on the USA Tour, it was still fun watching all of the preparations. & no more Benitez! As another side note, congrats to Bayern Munich for winning the Champions League. I want our trophy back next season though, with the pretty blue ribbons. Now we get to face them again in the Super Cup! (Most likely) Mourinho vs Guardiola anyone?! That game will be absolutely crazy, but we don’t have to worry about that until August 30th. I’m going to miss watching our boys in blue play each week, but we do have a few International Friendlies to help us get by! As always, KTBFFH! :)

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